Read these before posting a fakemon in the fakemon section!

General rules Edit


the most important rule ever. Not even if you give credit. The only exception would be if you got full permission. If you can't draw it then just don't include art.

No hardcounters.

Don't create a fakemon just to hardcounter another pokemon/fakemon.

Make it balanced.

Try to make your fakemon not UP or OP. If it's very powerful / weak, but you like it, just add something to balance it out.

Do not create new moves.

This would go into the new moves section. If you want to create a new move, just create it in the new moves section and add a link to it.

Do not use a already existing move as the signature move for your fakemon

It needs to be <u>signiture</u>

No triple typed pokemon.

It is very unnecessary, and adds clutter.

No "Buddy" fakemon

You should not create a fakemon just to go with an already existing pokemon. If you want to create buddys, make it two fakemon.

Specific abilities not to create Edit

"Resist everything" tank

Do not create an fakemon with an ability that makes everything weak against it. It is way to powerful, especially for a tank or wall fakemon.

"Super effective everything" attacker

Same reason as resist everything tank, this would be way OP

Wonder guard clone

It only works for shedinja because it has 1 HP. Do not create a wonder guard clone.

Pre - Nerf parental bond

Do not create a ability that is just pre nerf parental bond, it was nerfed for a reason.

"Speed boost" for anything besides speed

Do not create this. It is very overpowered, and would just break everything.

2nd mega or Z - move

Do not, under any circumstances create an ability that allows 2 megas on a team, or 2 Z - moves to be used.

Format: Edit



Ability 1:

Explanation: (If you came up with the ability yourself)

Ability 2: (Optional)

Explanation: (If you came up with the ability yourself)

Hidden Ability: (Optional):

Explanation: (If you came up with the ability yourself)

Signature move: (Optional) (Add a link to the page on the new moves page)

Previous evolution(s): (Optional) (Explain on same page, just before this one)

Evolution(s): (Optional) (Explain on the same page, just below this one)

Pokedex entry:

Where it's found:

Any other way to get it:

Specific people that use it: (Optional) (Include a link to the page of the character that uses it)

Reason: (Why you made it)

Extras: (Optional) (Just include anything else here)

Use: (In competitive play)